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Annalisa takes on a select few Commissions each year. Here are some common questions about the process. For all enquires regarding commissions please send and email via the contact page or email Annalisa at

[email protected] 

Do you accept every commission request? 

No I don't. The reason being that if there is a commission request that falls outside of my subject matter or isn't something that I feel I can accomplish then I won't take it on. My goal is to create artwork you love, so it's important to me that I work within  my abilities. 

How much does it cost? 

Commission prices will vary depending on the work that is requested. The price generally includes the framing and shipping ( size depending) Once we've discussed your idea I will forward some details with this information. The price will be based on comparable size of work and the details and complexity involved at the time of request. There is a slightly higher price for a commission. 

Can you recreate paintings you've already done in a different size? 

I can create art that is similar, but due to the process of how I work this is a layered answer that will depend on the request. 

How long do Commissions take? 

This will depend on the size and timing of the request and the workload from other Commissions and exhibitions. The rough answer is anywhere from 6 weeks to 8months. The process of creating art isn't linear, so time flexibility is required. 

What is the process for commissions? 

After you've contacted me via email, we've talked about your ideas and how it can work, colour, size, your reasons for the commission, timing and all the nitty gritty details that make the magic happen, I will send you a contract and an invoice for a deposit. The deposit is a 40% of the total cost with the remainder due on competition. I allow for 2 changes if absolutely necessary, but this is really a precaution Incase we've missed something at the beginning. 

Once completed, I'll send you images and then the final invoice. Once paid, the commission is sent out to your address or delivered by courier.