saltwater woman

Leda Gallery

Solo exhibition at Leda Gallery,
Newcastle, NSW  

Artist Statement 

As an artist, I endeavour to strike a harmonious balance between playful and serious elements within my creative work. My objective is to encapsulate the potency of our physical presence while in a state of relaxation. This body of work delves into themes of Harmony with both nature and one another, as well as the introspection of our rapport with the natural world, specifically the ocean.
By utilising movement, light, and the absence of facial features, my paintings emphasise the significance of our physical presence and the nonverbal communication our bodies convey. A day spent at the seashore consists of seemingly insignificant rituals, which, despite their functionality, hold great significance. From brushing sand off a towel after a swim, to the unconscious action of closing one's eyes when applying sunscreen, to the reflexive withdrawal from the anticipation of the water's temperature just before it touches our toes; these small, almost ceremonial moments celebrate nature's contribution to our well-being."

For enquires to purchase these please head to the Leda gallery stockroom or get in touch with the gallery director Holly